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Touring the country and welcoming civilian and military families of diverse backgrounds into the STEM world of craft beer through special events at breweries & cultural festivals. With STEM experiments for kids, career and mindset transition coaching, industry professional pairings and healing retreats, the segments of this national series are designed to breakdown and heal the taboos, stigmas and traumas that have kept industries like craft beer closed off from diversity.


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Event Activations catering to Families and Industry Professionals

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Afternoons Out

Fun for the whole family. Unwind with fun craft beer S.T.E.M. Experiments, local bites, cold brews and while honoring local military families.

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Aged Conversations

One on One personal advisement for rookies from expert Craft Beer Professionals, Military Veterans, Business Owners and Fund Managers.

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Professional Pairings

Ultra lux beer & food pairings providing respite to industry professionals who don't always get to enjoy the industry they are so passionate about.

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Autonomous Growth Retreats

Services focused on your career transition & guiding you through the process of monetizing your STEM interests all while supporting your health.

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Fast Tracking diversity & inclusion of jobs and ownership in craft beer

Each event will feature expert advisement or fun experiments, food and brews both non-alcoholic and boozy. These are face to face engagments geared toward building connections with decision makers who have the power to create opportunities for a willing work force in overlooked demographics.

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Highlighting S.T.E.M Applications to guide our audience into new roles

Military Families, People of Color, Women the core of American diversity, need not be over looked any longer. We're providing the resources to bring the nations most loyal and dedicated citizens up to speed on craft beer and other S.T.E.M. opportuniites. The problem isn't lack of access. The solution to incorporating American diversity is first inviting diversity in.

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Larger than Life Dedication, to endeavors bigger than self

Veterans and their Military Family members sacriface daily to secure another day in which we can all live our great American dreams. Beersgiving bridges the gap between a willing workforce in overlooked demographics with decision makers who can create opportunities in many professional industries. We support veterans and their families as champions for diversity, inclusion, cross cultural communications and for the darn good job they do supporting our nation with loyalty and dedication.

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Goals: Create, Relate, Fill, Support & Boost

The mission always comes first and we have a mission to complete by any means necessary. Our mission: to end the need for diversity and inclusion panels. End Veteran post discharge neglect with career transition and mental health support. Provide resources to underrepresented Military Spouses and Children with resources for mental health, S.T.E.M. career, leadership and ownership opportunities.

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Meet the Team Members touring the nation

Danii Oliver
Danii Oliver

Founder and CEO

Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson

Board Member

Denia Drake

Communications Intern

Local Partners and Sponsors

Military Families Sharing their Experiences

Diversity is synonymous with military families. It is the cornerstone and pillar of our military communities. Military families are composed of a rich and diverse myriad of people from all over the world - different races, religions, and cultures just to name a few. Military families make many contributions to their military and civilian communities.

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Master Sgt. Carlos Barter

Cheyenne, Wyoming

I didn't have to choose between my military career or my career in the beer industry. Beersgiving shows me that my fight is bigger than me. Beersgiving inspires me to keep working hard in my lane. This does such great things by connecting people from all walks of life under two common bases.

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Sergeant Peters

Army Sergeant & Head Brewer: Montgomery, AL

More often than not wholesalers or consumer sales trends dictate what an owner allows a brewer or chef to produce. This event breaks free from daily expectations and competitor comparison to showcase how impactful once in a lifetime experiences can bring value.

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Danii Oliver

Navy Daughter & Brewery Owner: Fort Worth, TX

"Working alongside a diverse group of men and women in the Army help my communication skills greatly. My family members are extremely proud and see how my military service set me up with a solid foundation for success for my entire life. Acknowledging my grandfather’s Vietnam War tales, acknowledging my wife Sammie’s support, lead me to a life path that since I left my desk job, I have never been happier."

Army Veteran Dennis Guy
Dennis Guy

Army Veteran: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Recent Conversations and Events

Military Family Member
  • Highlighting: Tanya Mac

I haven’t had one path as a civilian so the rewards have varied based on the job at the time. The unknown of the future makes it hard to plan. Being a Military Spouse to me means pride in service and self.

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Military Wife
  • Highlighting: Sammie Guy

I feel honored and humbled being married to my husband Dennis, knowing he served our country. I am appreciative of everything he has done for our country and our family. I couldn't be prouder of him. I hope our future children grow up to be just like him.

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Military Spouse
  • Highlighting: Britt Thomas-Brown

My thankfulness is when my husband comes home off every deployment with everything I sent him to deployment with. People really don't understand that Military Spouses are a small isolated community. Sometimes just a smile will give us extra miles to get through the day.

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